Friday, June 13, 2014

Oracle 11g: Install Instant Client on Linux x86_64 Server.

Oracle 11g: Install Instant Client on Linux x86_64 Server.

***What is Instant Client &benefits?
As per Oracle docs,

Oracle Database Instant Client

Instant Client allows you to run your applications without installing the standard Oracle client or having an ORACLE_HOME. OCI, OCCI, Pro*C, ODBC, and JDBC applications work without modification, while using significantly less disk space than before. Even SQL*Plus can be used with Instant Client. No recompile, no hassle.

ISVs and Partners benefit greatly from packaging Instant Client along with their applications, saving customers the extra step of installing and configuring an Oracle client. Free. The same fully-featured, high-performance applications that Oracle ISVs and partners have always delivered will continue to work, untouched.

Customers can try new packaged applications and Oracle client features quickly without worrying about other installations. Larger enterprises can automate setup and configuration of Instant Client by using installation scripts accessing a central IT repository. Finally, everyone can benefit from the smaller footprint.
Especially for production use. Especially for free.

Follow below steps (implemented & tested).

1. Download Instant client.

Use below link.
RPM Files.

2. Additional perquisite for

Install Basics of

3. Copy this all downloads to particular location where we can set path.


Please change permission to oracle:dba.

Chgrpdba *
Chown oracle *

4. Unzip all .zip


5. Install rpm 

a) rpm –ivh oracle-instantclient11.2-basic-
b) rpm –ivh oracle-instantclient11.2-jdbc-


export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/bin/instantclient/instantclient_11_2

7. Test Database connection with sqlplus

Sqlplus username/password@//ipaddressofdbserver:port/service_name
For e.g.