Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oracle 10g:Get RMAN Backup Completion Mail

Follow this steps to get rman backup completion mail.

1.Create Procedure to for mail.

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE usp_rman_backup_info
UTL_MAIL.SEND(sender=>'DatabaseExperts@de.com', recipients=>'Comma separated email list',subject=>'DatabaseName RMAN Backup info', message => 'RMAN Backup completed @'||to_char(sysdate,'hh24:mi:ss'));

2.Update RMAN Script.

SQL ' BEGIN SYS.usp_rman_backup_info; END; '; at end of script.

delete noprompt obsolete;
release channel ch1;
release channel ch2;
release channel ch3;
release channel ch4;
SQL ' BEGIN SYS.usp_rman_backup_info; END; ';

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