Monday, December 22, 2014

Oracle 10g/11g:Install & deploy interim patch ::19148376 for bug fixes

Oracle 10g/11g:Install & deploy interim patch ::19148376 for bug fixes

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In this post, We will apply small sized interim patch for bug fixes that affect the business.
This interim patch specially developed for specific operating system level.
This interim patch doesn't affect any major release or update the software  binaries.
Its developed to fix the particular ORA errors comes in production to affect the problems.

This patch can be deployed easy steps to follow.


1.  PSU Patch AIX64(any other OS) Bit database software

2.  Free space of around 20 GB for taking oracle binary Backup and installing Patch sets during patching

3.  Take TAR Backup of the ORACLE_HOME post DATABASE stop

4.  Root, Grid, Oracle OS user password

5.  OPatch utility version or later

6.  Hot/Cold backup of database.

 1.Check the running database.

[oracle@dbexprt /home/oracle]$ps -ef | grep pmon

oracle  7667950        1   0   Jul 15      -  1:52 asm_pmon_+ASM
oracle  7667950        1   0   Jul 15      -  1:52 asm_pmon_dbexperdb
  oracle 44565652 39716272   0 06:01:08  pts/0  0:00 grep pmon

2.Check Database home for running databases.

cat /etc/oratab.

3.Shutdown the listeners.

ps -ef|grep tns or ps -ef | grep lsn

[oracle@dbexprt /home/oracle]$lsnrctl stop LISTENER

4.Shutdown databases.

Shutdown ASM database (if configured.)

set ORACLE_HOME= /grid11g/

sqlplus  / as sysasm

5.Take TAR backup of oracle binaries.

mkdir -p /backup/TAR/oracle_home_122214

cd /backup/TAR/oracle_home_122214
 [oracle@dbexprt /home/oracle]$echo $ORACLE_HOME

tar -cvf ./file_name.tar /orahome/

6.Check patch history.

 opatch lsinventory

7.Check opatch per-requisite.

Go to patch locaton .

mkdir -p /backup/patch/patch_122214

cd /backup/patch/patch_122214

unzip downloded patch.

change location to  uncompressed patch.

cd /backup/patch/patch_122214/19148376

e.g. opatch prereq CheckConflictAgainstOHWithDetail –phBaseDir (Patch Path)

opatch prereq CheckConflictAgainstOHWithDetail -phBaseDir /backup/patch/patch_122214/19148376

If any of the patch is conflict with current patch, need to check with MOS team for the same.

Else we can continue for apply the patch.

--Refer readme file from downloaded patch.

8.Apply patch.

[oracle@dbexpert /backup/patch/patch_122214/19148376]$ opatch apply

if this command is not worked then use full opatch location.

[oracle@dbexpert /backup/patch/patch_122214/19148376]$ /orahome/ apply

Check opatch lsintventory.

9.Post deploy activity.

Start Listeners
Start ASM Database
Start Databases.

******Approx downtime of 2-3 hours****************

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